Pioneering adopters of solar PV, the agriculture business has been a major client of Ivy Solar since the beginning of the Feed-in Tariff. We have worked with British farmers for a number of years, providing a wide range of solar PV solutions. From the modest small holder to large commercial farming operations, bespoke Ivy Solar systems are always a perfect fit for your needs.

As with all our services, an efficient and diligent approach is always provided, with special care given to sensitive sites such as those operating strict biological controls. Ivy Solar is proud to be a trusted service provider for the AF Group. We’ve worked closely with the cooperative for over 8 years, helping its members invest confidently in solar PV. Recently, we had the privilege of installing solar PV onto the AF Group’s head office, providing the operation with cost-effective, low carbon energy.

The AF Group

The AF Group approached us with the task of assessing the financial feasibility of a 49.5kW solar PV system for their headquarter offices. As half-hourly data was available, we modeled the hourly performance of the proposed system at their offices. The results of our model were compared to the half-hourly consumption data from the site, giving us a confident insight into how much generated solar PV electricity would be directly consumed on site. Our analysis suggested that an estimated 89% of all generation from the solar PV system would be consumed on-site by the organisation: a strong financial case for investing in one of our systems.

Using our analysis and experience to select equipment that would best fit our client’s needs, we decided on 174 Q Cell Q Plus-G4.1 275W panels, along with a single SMA Core 1 inverter, to deliver the 49.5kW system. Products from both manufacturers were chosen due to their strong records of quality and reliability. Off-site monitoring of the system was made available by connecting the inverter to the local network within the AF Group’s offices; SMA’s free monitoring platform Sunny Portal allows for both Ivy Solar and the client to confidently monitor the system remotely.